Bannerman Green Not-for-profit Housing Co-op Inc. is an exciting new opportunity to build community and create affordable housing in North Winnipeg. Friends and neighbours in the St. John’s area formed this co-operative in 2020 and secured a parcel of land at the corner of Bannerman Avenue and St. Cross Street as an initial site for the project.

64 Bannerman is a large lot with mature trees, undeveloped since fire destroyed the original farmhouse several years ago. It is situated near public transit and Luxton School, and is zoned by the City of Winnipeg for twelve housing units.

The founding members of Bannerman Green are deeply committed to contributing to their North End community through creating housing that fits into the existing neighbourhood, is positively received by its neighbours, and meets or exceeds environmental standards.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, Bannerman Green meetings are currently taking place via video chat. If you would like to attend meetings or explore becoming a Co-op member, or if you have questions for the Co-op, please send an email to info@bannermangreen.ca.

Visit our website often for more information as this project evolves.